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We are hiring! Web Developers for DigiLaos - Pankham

Front end dev

Websites, forms – UI – UX

Html - CSS - bootstrap - CSS grid – use templates /

CMS – software implementation, like shops, messengers, review/comment plugins,

Dream weaver - Illustrator - Photoshop

Back-end dev

Python – php - java - JavaScript – MySQL – resp MariaDB

API programming - connecting applications to web sites, apps, shops, ..

Server admin for installing software on root servers, Cpanel or similar server backend admin tool,

General qualities

Soft skills

Problem solvers, thinkers, not just followers

Read/write flow charts

Understand/speak English

What projects did they do?

Team player: During meetings they don´t react but play the ball forward, think context, criticise …

Database Architect ME! Database Engineer ME! Graphic Designer ME! Layout Designer ME! Front-End Developer ME! Project-manager ME! Systems Analyst ME! Software Architect ME! Team-Lead ME! Tech-Lead ME! Back-End Developer ME! Technical Support Engineer ME! QA Engineer


All business processes are getting digitalised. E-Gov, e-Bank, mobile banking, online shops, warehousing, ..

A media company has to have experts for their own sake and for customers =

Programmers directly produce sellable products, like a printing worker.

a Ease company processes : How-to’s visual and online: Kevin could do “cartoon style” explains

b Meet customer needs: They expect to get information online 24/7

c Save costs through process automation

d Make money by extending the service portfolio


Bunch of new services for PJ, MD, SVL,

Business clients and thousands of SME

Application Form

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