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Established in 1997 as IT supplier and printing materials designing company. Until 2005, we adopted modern machines into production lines. Throughout 27 years of creativity, Pankham Jampa never stopped to progress, with our aspiration to produce premium products, strengthens human resources value, reinforces moral of society.

Strive for building up qualified personnel, produce good quality products, provides good service on a moral principle basis.


- Fortify knowledge and ability to staff to meet international standard.

- Fulfill client’s requirement with professional service and work ethics.


- Build up skillful, responsible and hard-working staff

- Develop our products and services to be unique, modern and environmental care 

- Expand customer base to be well-known in the market through excellence in service and printing quality

- Build up co-operation among related sectors, both internal and external on moral principle basis

Policy “To Be Excellence”

- Capable, friendly staff, willing to serve and work as team. Our motto is “Be thoughtful, ask when you don’t      

   understand, zero mistake”

- Resources utilization, economize and effective

- Be a good model for fellow businesspeople in developing quality of life and product as well as integrity which

   are conducts for good businessman 

Mana Jangmook

Owner & CEO

Pankham Jampa

Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd.


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