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Printing Experience

Pankham Jampa Company Limited has served and printed for government sectors and many international organizations since our establishment until now such as: - Government Office - UNDP, Unicef, UNFPA, WHO, WFP, etc. - International NGOs - Embassies - Banks (Security Stationary, Cheque, Pass Book) - Private Sectors - Agencies

Digital Print print on demand

Professional design services : Logos, Annual Reports, Books, Calendars, Packaging, Menus, Brochures, Leaflets, Posters, Banner, Wedding Cards and etc.    Our design team can handle your job as a one stop service from designing to - mockup proofing - printing - finishing

ພິມດ້ວຍຈັກອອບເຊັດ  Offset Printing 

ຂອງຊຳລ່ວຍ ຂອງແຖມໂປໂມຊັ່ນສິນຄ້າ Premium Gifts and Promotional Products

Premium Gifts
Large Format Print

ພິມຜ້າໄວນີວ ຜ້າ PVC ກັນນ້ຳ, ສະຕິກເກີ້ຕິດລົດ, Large Format Print (In-out door) ລວມທັງອຸປະກອນວາງສະແດງຕ່າງໆດ້ວຍ

ພິມສະກີນ Silk Screen ພິມເສື້ອ, ໝວກ, ຖົງ ແລະອື່ນໆ 

Silk Screen Print
Packaging Design

ພິມກ່ອງອາຫານ, ກັບຢາ, ຫົວຈົດໝາຍ, ຊອງຈົດໝາຍ, ຖົງຫິ້ວເຈ້ຍ, ຖົງຫິ້ວພາດສະຕິກ ແລະ ໂຟນເດີສຳລັບເຄື່ອງໃຊ້ຕ່າງໆ Packaging

Website Design

We are a one stop service that covers all printing aspects. With our hi-tech 6 colors offset printing machine and 4 colors machine wich are always available. We can serve your printing demand with a variety of techniques such as spot UV, laminate cover, embossing, foild hot stamp, die-cuting and etc. We are capable of large scale jobs, our work team guarantees that we deliver our products on time.

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