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Printing Experience

Pankham Jampa Company Limited has served and printed for government sectors and many international organizations since our establishment until now such as: - Government Office - UNDP, Unicef, UNFPA, WHO, WFP, etc. - International NGOs - Embassies - Banks (Security Stationary, Cheque, Pass Book) - Private Sectors - Agencies

Graphic Design Services

Professional design services : Logos, Annual Reports, Books, Calendars, Packaging, Menus, Brochures, Leaflets, Posters, Banner, Wedding Cards and etc.     Our design team can handle your job as a one stop service from designing to - mockup proofing - printing - finishing

Offset Print
Offset Print

ພິມດ້ວຍຈັກອອບເຊັດ  Offset Printing 

Digital Print print on demand

ພິມຈຳນວນໜ້ອຍດ້ວຍຈັກດິຈິຕ້ອນ Digital Print on Demand

Premium Gifts

ຂອງຊຳລ່ວຍ ຂອງແຖມໂປໂມຊັ່ນສິນຄ້າ Premium Gifts and Promotional Products

Large Format Print

ພິມຜ້າໄວນີວ ຜ້າ PVC ກັນນ້ຳ, ສະຕິກເກີ້ຕິດລົດ, Large Format Print (In-out door) ລວມທັງອຸປະກອນວາງສະແດງຕ່າງໆດ້ວຍ

Silk Screen Print

ພິມສະກີນ Silk Screen ພິມເສື້ອ, ໝວກ, ຖົງ ແລະອື່ນໆ 

Packaging Design

ພິມກ່ອງອາຫານ, ກັບຢາ, ຫົວຈົດໝາຍ, ຊອງຈົດໝາຍ, ຖົງຫິ້ວເຈ້ຍ, ຖົງຫິ້ວພາດສະຕິກ ແລະ ໂຟນເດີສຳລັບເຄື່ອງໃຊ້ຕ່າງໆ Packaging

Website Design

We are a one stop service that covers all printing aspects. With our hi-tech 6 colors offset printing machine and 4 colors machine wich are always available. We can serve your printing demand with a variety of techniques such as spot UV, laminate cover, embossing, foild hot stamp, die-cuting and etc. We are capable of large scale jobs, our work team guarantees that we deliver our products on time.

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